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Here is a pic of the drills we use when doing this.  The largest drill bit is the proper size 37/64.  Notice the rubber hose almost covers the drill bit completely. When installing your drill bit into the drill the rubber hose must cover the entire area and be against the chuck.  OR it will not act like a stop

Once you have moved your wires out of the way in front of the pan.  mark the pan on the passenger side.  Use your oil pan drain fitting to mark the location for drilling and tapping. And to confirm the location allows you to install the fitting.  WARNING!!! To HI you will not be able to screw the fitting in, To LOW and you threads will break out the bottom of your oil pan.


Drill a small pilot hole using a rubber hose to act as stop so you do not punch all the way through.  GREAT CARE MUST BE TAKEN IN THIS STEP NOT TO ALLOW THE DRILL BIT TO GO DEEPER THEN THE PAN THICKNESS.!!!!!  YOUR OIL PICK IS ON THE OTHER SIDE IN THIS LOCATION.

Remove the wire holding bolt on the driver side. If your truck is not brand new you will have to remove the collected dirt away to get to this bolt.

There are many ways you can install the drain for your turbo kit.  From drilling/tapping your stock oil pan, or welding a bung to the oil pan.  This page shows how you can drill and tap your pan, while leaving the oil pan on the truck.  This is not the only way!  You can remove the oil pan and install the fitting in this same area or on the passenger side of the oil pan in front of the starter, the driver front side of oil pan. Anywhere above your oil level and easy access to have your oil drain hose going down hill as straight as possible.. The one of the most important thing about oil drain fitting is the location. It must be above the oil level line. Your hose must have a clear routing to this pan drain fittings.  Kept away from all sources of heat, and moving parts. Your oil drain line needs to be as straight down as possible, with NO kinks, low spots, or "P" traps in the oil drain line.  

Here is another location (option)  for your oil drain.  Welding the aluminum bung or drilling and tapping the side of the pan. Pan removal is needed for this location.  Key is to make sure your oil drain line is traveling down as straight as possible.

Continue to step up your drill bit size until you get to the proper 37/64 for the 3/8NPT tap.  (we usually use 3 sizes when doing this job and grease on the drill bits. (Using grease on the tap.) Tap the pan a few threads, removing tap, then clean the tap,  re-appling grease and repeate cutting  more threads. Until you get to the proper depth.  DO NOT RUN THE TAP ALL THE WAY IN.  THIS WILL NOT ONLY DAMAGE YOUR PAN, YOUR FITTING WILL NO LONGER WORK AND YOU COULD DAMAGE THAT OIL PICK-UP ON THE INSIDE.! Trial fit using your oil pan drain fitting.  Once you confirm depth clean all the grease off the tap,  the tapped hole, and the fitting.   Making sure to remove all the shavings from inside the pan.