Mount your inter cooler to the core support A frame.  Use the self tapper screws in your kit to hold the Inter cooler up while you attach your side inter cooler brackets to the inter cooler and the radiator core support.  The top of the inter cooler will be very close to the hood latch.

90' Silicone connects to  the turbo compressor housing aiming forward.

NEXT is the 3" 45 degree aluminum longer leg.  After that the 3" 45 degree silicone.  And then the silicone connects to the Inter cooler inlet on the passenger side. This silicone at the inter cooler will have a slight tilt towards the driver side.  The 45 degree aluminum pipe will have a twist back towards the passenger side.  

It is not a straight inline downward shot from your turbo compressor  location to the inter cooler inlet.  

If you choose to use an early style 99-08 mass air meter, this is the area that unit will be installed.  Here is the sequence that will start at your BOV pipe:  

3.0" x 3.75" transition silicone


3.75" X 3.5" transition silicone

3.5" long leg throttle body pipe

3.5" x 4.0" transition silicone to throttle body.Type your paragraph here.

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Now on the inter cooler drivers side, slip the  45 degree silicone coupler onto the inter cooler.  Then the 45 degree aluminum pipe with the BOV flange.  The BOV flange is facing the passenger side of the engine bay.  

NEXT the 90' aluminum short leg connects to the 90' silicone at the turbo.  The other end (long leg) will have a 3" straight silicone.

Next is the 3.0" to 3.5" transition silicone and next is the throttle body pipe.  Last is your 3.5" silicone to 4.0" throttle body.  

The 3.5" aluminum throttle body is the last pipe in the set up.  install your 4.0" x 3.5" silicone onto the throttle.  This cold pipe will have a slight tilt towards the driver side in order to miss your water pump pulley.

This page will show you how we route the RACE inter cooler piping.  This routing is the same for the 3", 4' and 5" Race inter coolers.  It is recommended that you leave all clamps loose until you get all the silicones and piping connected in the truck.  There are minor adjustments that will need to be made during the installation.  These pictures are for reference only.   Compressor discharge is aiming down and is near your tension pulley.  Depending on Year and Make, you may have to trim the back side of your grill, top bumper pad, and top of the bumper.  The race inter cooler that Trick supplies is the largest inter cooler available for late model GM trucks.  Pictures on this page are a guide to help you with your install.