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This graph is comparing the Stage 2 inter cooler to the 5" Race inter cooler.  370 engine, @15psi with  the  5" inter cooler made more horse power, plus it was tested on a hot day.  If you are planning on running more than 10-12 psi then you need to upgrade your inter cooler to one of the Race Inter coolers.  This  customer picked up an extra 100 hp to the ground over the smaller inter cooler!  To be fair, the stage 2 core was out of its range for this engine at 15 PSI range. 

‚ÄčTrickTurbo offers many different inter coolers. From 500-1300+ horsepower, we have an inter cooler to fit your needs.  You can buy complete kits, or just the inter cooler only.   

Inter cooler only is just that:  inter cooler only!

Inter cooler kits come with everything needed:  all the silicone's, T-bolt clamps, aluminum piping with bead rolled ends, mounting brackets, and 50 mm blow off valve.  Inter cooler kits can be set up for Mass Air Meter, or Speed Density Tuning, depending on your preference.  We offer the largest air/air inter coolers that fit the 1999-2013 GM trucks.  Trick also builds the largest A/W inter cooler for the Ford Lightning.